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Moer than just a job!

A Moerlein Lager House job could become a career. No matter where you start, you get the opportunity to learn, grow and have fun while doing it. Ongoing training, career advancement and friendly teams are just a few of the reasons to love working here and we’re always looking for smart, motivated people to join us.

We genuinely care about our guests, our team members, our business partners, and our vendors. We share our ideas and collaborate for the good of the business, and each other, through open doors and open communication. We celebrate our successes and have fun together.

Position Descriptions

Culinary Team

Line Cook – Takes recipes created by our Chefs and follows them with great precision and consistency to produce beautiful food. This is what brings our guests back again and again. Our line cooks work with speed and accuracy – and do so with great care to work in the most safe and sanitary way. Knife skills, organization, and teamwork are all skills that support the goal of making excellent food. Many of our kitchens are in open view of our guests and line cooks must be comfortable working in view of everyone.

Prep Cook – Takes the recipes created by our Chefs and follows them with great precision and consistency. Prep cooks come in early to prepare raw ingredients that are used by line cooks during service. Done in the safe and sanitary way ensures that the food served to our guests will be of the highest quality. Strong knife skills, organization, and accuracy in reading recipes are all additional skills required to be successful. Outstanding prep cooks will have the opportunity to grow with our company and be cross-trained in other positions.

Dishwashers – This is a hard work!! The classic entry level position in the kitchen that has launched the careers of many Executive Chefs. Runs the dish machine and insures that the temperature and chemicals are at safe levels. Also washes all pots, pans, cutting boards, and other items from the prep and line cooks. Takes out all the trash, mops all the floors, and keeps the dish room clean and organized. Must be able to handle the heat of the kitchen and maintain a fast pace.

Service Team

Servers – Charming & Gracious…Organized & Efficient…True Team Players!! Those are the traits that make for a great server. The lifeblood of every full service restaurant as they are the “SALES FORCE” that interacts with every guest who walks through our door. At any point in time, you are juggling multiple tables/guests, answering in depth questions about food and drinks, giving the kitchen the detailed information needed to produce outstanding food, and all with a smile on your face. As if that weren’t enough – accurately handling cash and credit cards, completing running side duties, helping to deliver food to all tables, and assisting in the pre-bussing and setting of new tables…and all with a smile on your face. Control the timing of service, handle additional special requests, deal immediately with any unhappiness, and all with a smile on your face.

Bartenders – Energetic & Enthusiastic…Organized & Efficient…Counselor & Comedian!! Take every skill needed to be a great server and then add the need to know hundreds of drink recipes, in depth knowledge of wine, beer, and boutique liquors. For 50+ years, the brightest stars in every restaurant earned their way behind the bar and rightfully so. Showmanship, flair, speed, accuracy, and the confidence to be surrounded on all fronts by guests and servers. Bartenders must be respected for their high standards, depth of knowledge, and integrity as they are called on to insure the safe and legal serving of alcohol to our guests. Are you current on world events? Sports? Celebrity gossip? Conversations on these and other topics could come in handy when you’re behind the bar.

Host/Hostess – Charming & Gracious…Organized & Efficient…Smiling ALL the time!! The host stand is your domain and literally controls the pace and tone of the entire restaurant. Our Host staff is the first and last contact with every guest and our opportunity to show the warmth and friendliness that each deserves. Accuracy with reservations is critical, accuracy with special requests is critical, accuracy in the rotation of seating and fairness to servers is critical. Our staff must be comfortable talking about the daily specials that Chef has created. They also insure that the public restrooms remain spotless, that the entry way doors and windows are clean, and that every menu presented is as good as new.

Bussers – Fast – Accurate – Quiet. The primary responsibility is to reset tables in a speedy, professional, and accurate manner. Our bussers support the servers in the restaurant as they assist in clearing dishes and glasses, refill water glasses, and keeps floors clean. You should always be ready to answer guest questions and immediately alert servers to guest needs. Professional appearance – including a nice smile – is always expected.

Management Team

Our management positions include General Manager, Manager, Executive Chef, and Sous Chef. Whether in the dining room or in the kitchen, each member of the team must successfully balance the needs of the guests, the staff, and the company. The growth of MLH is creating real opportunity to advance along a career path for top performers.


We are seeking professionals who will challenge themselves to be an important part of our growth and who will invest in the next generation of leaders to promote their development.


Competitive salaries, wages, and tips are three reasons to consider MLH. Tips are placed on biweekly paychecks of our hourly tipped employees.

We work hard to accommodate everyone’s schedule. It is always a challenge to balance career with your life outside of work but we recognize that both are equally important.

Vacation Pay
Full-time employees begin earning vacation time right away….up to one week in the first year and another week after three years of employment. Think of the possibilities!

Discounted Dining
You have to work and you have to eat. Receive one half-price meal per shift and a 20% discount for you and your family at any of the MLH locations.

Every day is a celebration but some days are all yours. Look forward to being recognized and rewarded on your service anniversaries.

Ready to Apply?

If you are ready to be considered for employment with MLH, then simply click on the link below to get the process started. A few things that we would ask of you:

  • * Please be thorough as you complete the information and answer the questions
  • * Make sure to scroll down through each page to see all sections
  • * Allow yourself approximately 20 minutes to complete the entire process

Browser Support for the Online Application

It is important to have an updated internet browser when completing the online application. We suggest one of the following supported browsers:

  • * Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11
  • * Google Chrome
  • * Firefox 31 and higher
  • * Safari 7.0 or 7.1